2022 Symposium presentations

Stream 1

Is the future now?

Stream 2

Planes, Trains but not Automobiles!

Stream 3

From paper to practice.


Electric Vehicles and Environmental Impacts of Transport

Chairs: Seamus Christley, Director: SCT Consulting Michelle Zeibots, University of Technology Sydney


Public Transport

Chairs: Jim Modrouvanos, Executive Director: NSW Point to Point Commission, Transport for New South Wales

Yang Wang, University of Technology Sydney


Advancements in Transport Modelling

Chairs: Dan Bridgman, Senior Manager: Data Science, Advanced Analytics and Insights, Transport for New South Wales

Simona Mihaita, University of Technology Sydney

Identifying the environmental impacts of end-of-life electric vehicle batteries

Abd Elrahman Moh’d, University of Sydney

Bus frequency allocation based on Fairness over Time

Esta Qiu, University of New South Wales

Machine learning vs conventional specifications for housing relocation decisions

Maryam Bostanara, University of New South Wales

A queue balancing approach for electric vehicle charging Allocation

Qi Wang, University of Wollongong and Western Sydney University

Empirical evidence of habits and patterns in public transport use

Durba Kundu, University of Sydney

Smart simulation, modelling and multi-agent systems in transportation

Kevin Malysiak, University of Wollongong

Door-to-door (D2D) emission calculation for air-travel: the importance and impact

David Li, University of Sydney

Evidence from GTFS-R that bus priority lanes reduce marginal Delay

Tingsen (Tim) Xian, University of Sydney

Graph theory embedded gravity model for multi-modal transport demand estimation

Dong Zhao, University of Technology Sydney

Macroscopic multi-queue node model for signalized multilane Intersections

Xiaolin Gong, University of Sydney


Innovations of safety in transport systems

Chairs: Ralston Fernandes, Director: Data, Advice, Research and Testing, Transport for New South Wales, Emily Moylan, University of Sydney


Active Transport and Placemaking

Chairs: Matthew Cen, Senior Consultant: SCT Consulting Kasun Wijayaratna, University of Technology Sydney


Transport Infrastructure Design and Construction

Chairs: Pamela Henderson, Executive Director: Technical Services, Infrastructure and Place, Transport for New South Wales, Behzad Fatahi, University of Technology Sydney

Utilising natural language processing to learn from history and disseminate railway safety knowledge

Wei-Ting Hong, University of Sydney

The perceived satisfaction of travel alternatives in different locations

Miguel Loyola, University of Sydney

Multifunctional pavements materials and application analysis

Zhizhong Deng, University of Technology Sydney

Automated traffic accident detection, segmentation and duration prediction

Artur Grigorev, University of Technology Sydney

Smart vs. simple: A locale comparison of choice preferences for automated vehicles and active transport

Tony Arnold, University of Sydney

Assessing impacts of railway-induced vibration on safety of neighbouring structures built on jointed rocks

Waranga Habaraduwa Peellage, University of Technology Sydney

Optimal scheduling of random breath testing

Hongjun Yu, University of Sydney

Sharing road space: Development of a modified social force model (SFM)

Delilah Slack-Smith, University of Technology Sydney

Forecasting tunnel boring machine performance using deep learning

Feng Shan, University of Technology Sydney

Strategies for minimising inefficiency in emergency medical logistics

Changle Song, University of Sydney

Transitions in motion: Accelerating active travel Infrastructure in London through grassroots groups and activist researchers

Megan Sharkey, University of Westminster, London and University of New South Wales

Achieving greater circularity in the Australian construction and demolition industry

Ze Wang, University of Sydney


Shared Mobility and Mobility as a Service

Chairs: Megan Sharkey, Director: Future Mobility Testing and Assurance, Transport for New South Wales, Michiel Bliemer, University of Sydney


Freight and Logistics

Chairs:  Darren McNamara, Director Strategy: Freight Regional and Outer Metropolitan Division, Transport for New South Wales, Bobby Du, University of Wollongong


Appraisal and Evaluation of Transport Infrastructure

Chairs: Matthew A Jones, Director: Economics, Benefits and Evaluation, Transport for New South Wales, Meead Saberi, University of New South Wales

Investigating the underlying factors that build trust and collaboration in MaaS ecosystems

Thiranjaya Kandanaarachchi, University of Sydney

Vehicle routing problem with drones considering multiple time windows for e-grocery businesses

Hamidreza Ensafian, University of Sydney

An investigation into the development of transport solutions in New South Wales

Gavin Cavanagh, University of Technology Sydney

Competition and cooperation in the ridesourcing market

Guipeng Jiao, University of Sydney

Risk identification for the transport and logistics sector: A topic modeling approach

Arda Gezdur, University of Sydney

An evaluation of residents and non-residents preferences of transit-oriented developments (TODs) urban characteristics around train stations.

Anoulack Chanthivong, University of Sydney

Beat the competitor in a duopoly ride-hailing market: joint matching, pricing and waging optimization

Yue Yang, University of Sydney

Large-scale vehicle routing problem: A framework based on machine learning and adaptive large neighborhood search

Zahra Nourmohammadi, University of New South Wales

Time for a paradigmatic shift? The financial rationale for domestic procurement of passenger trains

Christopher Day, University of Sydney

MaaS and travel behaviour change: The influence of bundle subscriptions on mode choice

Aitan M. Militao, University of Sydney

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure: Transitioning coal ports towards the circular economy

Veronica Schulz, University of Sydney

Access-based land value appreciation for assessing transport project benefits

Yadi Wang, University of Sydney